3D printed hearts and self driving buses and robots

The information technology (IT) makes a lot of enhancements to make life easier, especially in the time of a pandemic lot of people’s shift to online businesses and a lot of home users utilizing digital things more as per before. In 2020 IEEE conducts a survey for new generation kids and offers a theory for Generation Alpha to take care of health/wiliness for their children and they give the name Generation Alpha of this theory. These days scientists and IT companies are focusing to develop more things like cleaning robots, self-driving systems, e-ride systems and also working to automate fast-food delivery in a modern way. If we are talking about the survey conduct for those then almost 90% of peoples are satisfied with cleaning robots, about up to 80% peoples are happy with sensor technology for to watch the people and children activities and due to this also enforcing the habit of social distancing during this pandemic.

3D printed hearts

As per a survey 50% U.S parents, about 60%+ UK parents, almost 75%+ brazil parents are satisfied with testing and functional 3d heart to implement in their children if needed. If we are talking about china and brazil in detail then about 50%+ parents strongly agree with 3d printed hearts. Globally about 11% peoples are who not comfortable with this 3d printed heart implementation. If we are talking about surgery for their kids via robots then almost 14% peoples do not agree with robots instead of a human doctor, while almost 20% peoples are ok and allowing robotic surgery and other are not well aware of the process of surgery with help of robots. These are the ratios of the fundamentals globally about robotic surgery or heart plantation but this is really a great innovation in artificial intelligence and robots medium.

Self driving buses

Now if we talk more about robot needs in our life then everyone knows due to pandemic and lockdowns routine of children/parents is unbalanced, so many companies working and some of them launched self-driving school buses and tested globally for safety measures. This is easy for parents and children so about 60%+ peoples around the world are happy with this new innovation while some have some doubts as well about the safety measures.

Nanny robots

Moreover, many companies are working on some robots like (Nanny) which are artificially well mature to take care of their children for regular routines when parents are not at home. About 60%+ parents are happy to get services about robot nanny and these are approximately ratios as per IEEE. If we talk about parents’ satisfaction then about robot’s limitations and machine behavior some of the peoples globally are not agreed to let their children on behalf of a machine for safety. If we talk about china the more than 80% of parents strongly agree with letting their children under robot nanny care control due to busy life routines. So as a conclusion we came to know there are a lot of innovations and upcoming innovations are which really helps us with child care terms

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