Amazon Firewall Web Services roll out

The general availability of AWS Network Firewall has announced by the Amazon Web Service(AWS).

In order to give customers improved and authentic access into their AWS setups and infrastructure, as well as to increase network security the managed security service has been created.

It will automatically add a layer of network protection across AWS workloads and servers AWS system can be enabled in Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) environments via the AWS console. On the basis of network traffic rates, the AWS Firewall will scale up the data.

TheĀ  AWS Partner Network (APN) providers such as CrowdStrike, Fortinet, and Trend Micro can provide the solutions rule engine. Some other rules like Snort and Suricata can also be implemented.

A chief information security officer at AWS, Steve Schmidt according to him the solution was built in mind of customer feedback in which clients mostly wanted the kind of network protections that work without the headache of managing the in-depth infrastructure just deals with their existing security systems.

According to Amazon, the offers which are already existing can address firewall security demands, the blanket network security layer across all workloads will be provided by Network Firewall. The domain-based access controls, identify malicious traffic, and implement web filtering, can be monitor through this system it can also inspect the traffic packets of different layers of the network.

In the US East, West, and European regions, with more regional deployments this AWS Network Firewall is coming “soon.”

Amazon’s security solution is now paid for based on hours deployed and gigabytes of data processed.

Schmidt commented. “Best of all, there’s no need to configure or maintain additional infrastructure.”AWS Network Firewall provides valuable network protections that allow the customers to deploy highly customizable rules for their entire AWS infrastructure.

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