Australia Post deploy machine learning

These days robots and AI machines are a part of a human beings.Here I am discussing the digitalize post system. As per research, Australia Post experienced in decline of about 25% in normal letter post but a good boom in online shopping. They launched about 13 million points for online ordering.

Due to the high online shopping trend in Australia peoples are using different items like office equipment, gym items, and heavyweight machines as well.

John Cox the general manager at Australia Post said we are getting a lot of queries about heavy materials so we are shifting to Van delivery system instead of bike riders. In this way, the main hurdle is that the experienced drivers know the exact routes for delivery points and they are able to deliver as fast. The riders have various routes to derive and we allocated them safe way because we care about their safety and client goods and data. To move fast and safely mostly they drive on the left side but for their ease, we want to give them multiple routes to avoid hurdles. So taught to give them some dynamic routes to select and make delivery fast and safe.

He said we took a scanner application that is well matured as per routes and navigations. By using the AI mechanism Australian Post added accurate and alternate navigation routes to the application. This application is good for riders as well it is a well optimize to give rider location during the ride to the back end, we can easily track any rider with time and route.

Now we are working on a system to make the Post system more accurate and dynamic in a sense when a Postie picks up a parcel scan it then at that time we going to send a notification to the client about you will get your parcel on a specific time.

He also said our old post-distribution system delays about 1-2 hours but we cut down the time to 15-20 minutes by which a post hand over to postie. He said as well that we want to mature this more as per we want to put AI concepts and deploy machines to scan parcels as fast and allocate to postie and keep data till it’s delivered.

That system will provide more fast and accurate data, we easily track parcels and posties and also calculate the timing about that. The system we are deploying has a way to understand and forecast the estimated time and also forecast the event-related things.

Australia post attached with a tech company name Telco transformation and we are working from the last few years with them to automate and digitalize our post offices and we are doing its more mature in sense of single scanning, fast delivery, and make this better as mobility.

Right now we have multiple system devices attached to our post network which are built in different programming technologies but it’s really hard to manage them so we want to make this more mature and flexible to handle with 1 platform from scanning to delivery. Australia posts have a big load on system so they are moving their system to cloud system and Cox said we are planning to shift our system to google Cloud for better performance.

Due to our fast post system, our Executive staff and managers received a lot of gifts from customers due to their happy feel regarding Australian posts.

Cox said we are working more on this to deploy an AI system to handle and cut down the time loss between when parcel reached at the office to the client location.


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