AWS launching new cloud region

Amazon is a big giant in e-commerce and also as a cloud computing provider. AWS launches many data centers in many regions globally such as Germany, Italy, UK, Ireland, Sweden. AWS deciding to launch its new data center in Switzerland in 2022 and later around 2023 they will launch in Spain.

According to their new launching in Switzerland, they are working on various small centers with different availability zone locations and a major data center to handle those physical location chunks’. Due to this way all centers connected with each other by the low latency rate of the network, to provide more fast data transfer.

After launch, the organizations from Swiss will able to run their applications as fast in different time zones across the country. This system will provide the best services to handle large applications with speed and fault tolerance.

Werner Vogels CTO at Amazon said AWS already providing services to Swiss companies for various sectors such as

  1. world pharma companies to new startups which may cause for new innovations speed with lower costs
  2. Broadcasting system to mapping
  3. The system from postal to railways

The new  Zurich region cloud datacenter will provide flexibility for customers to store and process their data upon their desire locations.AWS already has about 10k start-ups and medium-size organizations in Switzerland and the number of customers is growing day by day.

AWS already providing them various services to digitalize their businesses such as parcel tracking systems to save their operational cost.

Christoph Siegrist the architect cloud owner said before AWS we handle about hundreds of parcels per day but now we are handling about hundreds of parcels per minute and our customers demanding faster service.AWS is also providing services to multinational media companies like Ringier, a fertility tracker in Switzerland. The latest research shows that AWS becoming the largest cloud provider with high revenue generation in 2020.

US based companies decided to launch their GAIA – X cloud project but due to new AWS launching the customer potential for their cloud will be laid down, so they are deciding to launch a complaint to the EU against AWS launching new cloud region which directly violates the bloc’s privacy laws and the US Cloud Act law.

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