Free Dark side Ransomware

Cybersecurity firm Bitdefender has released today a free tool that can help victims of the Darkside ransomware retrieve their damaged files for free, without paying the ransom demand. This gadget is applicable for download from the Bitdefender site, along with usage descriptions gives hope to companies that had important files locked and ransomed by one of today’s most experienced ransomware operations. This tool firstly introduces by Romanian security.

Related Background to Darkside Group:

Since the summer of 2020, the Darkside group set-up and still operates today through posted ads on cybercrime forums. However the Darkside hasn’t posted the names and any relevant data of their new product on its leak site since before the winter holiday last year, this group is still supposed to be an action at all the time of writing and it’s working.

According to security researcher MalwareHunter:

The current task from the group is an update to its reveal site. During the last week, the Darkside operators posted a new addition delivered to journalists, here the reporters could register and directly contact Darksidegang. Mostly the Darkside victims already paid the ransom demands from backup months ago. These Darksidedecrypter not entirely in use but still far of it.

Is Decrypter lead to Darkside Shutdown?(reasons)

1- We know that this tool helps the companies to recover their damaged files or data and make them save for backups.

2- More than this gadget also catches the operational cost of the Darkside gang which has the ability to re-do all its functions and encrypted file code.

3- This tool also deals with prominence blow to DarksideRaaS.
By seeing in the past many ransomware operations have shut down after the release of free decrypted. But the good news is that now the decrypted release by Bitdefender follows the theory, the working of all current versions of Darksideransomware, negligent of files extensions that crooks added to the end of every encrypted file.
Noted that this extension is unique per victim, as it’s quantified from local characteristics, but Bitdefender said that there shouldn’t be a problem.

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