Fujitsu AI supercomputer

Fujitsu’s recently launched a new super computer system under Japan’s national institute. This system is specifically launched for AI researchers and development for government and various industries.

This new innovation has 2 3rd generation intel Xeon processors with eight NVIDIA GPU’s and the company committed the high performance of machines about peta flops.

This new generation super computer is able to use with AIST existing AI bridging and also support cloud systems ABCI. Due to the high demand for AI in government sectors, industries AIST introduce new AI bridging green cloud system to update their already ABCI system to generate high performance and providing large storage capacity.

Fujitsu commits that the system able to perform theoretical high performance of half precision floating points for operations and will deliver about 850 Peta Flop’s and it’s also providing the double floating points at about 56.7 peta flops and this happens when it’s working as bridging with ABCI systems.

The company is also working on various new infrastructures for AI research and development in japan and also compiling new systems as AI bridge technology to perform more fast and heavy load machines.

Fujitsu scheduled to launch their new super computers till mid 2021, further more then performance and behavior log will depend on the real environment

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