Google Chrome 87 security features

Google recently launched its new chrome browser version 87. The basic concept for this version is to provide a safety feature against NAT attack over FTP protocol and save your web surfing. This new version is available for almost all operating systems and old users able to update to the new ones by updating features in chrome.

The new version of google chrome provides a variety of API integration features which are really helpful for developers and web programmers. In this new version, you can get the capability to store API with a new cookie system and you can easily modify or write new CSS with the help of different open source font families. Via this, you can easily able to debug your already running codes or new developing codes too.

Chrome 87 also gives you safety from the new NAT attack which is launched in October, chrome put a new system that provides a proxy base firewall system to safe via those attacks.

As per research google chrome is the first one to block that kind of attack to save their user’s securities, and other browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Apple safari are also working on this scheme to save their users from that kind of attacks.

Google chrome stop FTP support:

Moreover, Google also removes support for FTP from the new version because to provide more safety. Google working on this system since last year and they planned to launch this in 8.1 version but due to the pandemic, they didn’t enforce users because most of the users working from home due to lockdown so they allow using FTP. So in version 87 they partially disable the ftp access system and for sure google will remove permanently this feature by next year may be in version 88 or 89.

New google chrome also giving some more improvements like the back forward caching system and also providing a tab throttling system to 87.

Due to this new tab throttling feature the browser act as active for the current tab where the user is and if the user opens multiple tabs then-current tab treated as active while the other tabs stayed as idle position, due to this the system resources are less as per the previous versions and browser hanging system is also sorted out.


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