Google Chrome Extensions Privacy

These days over the internet world the main thing is to take care of client security and privacy. We know everything is moving towards the internet world, no doubt the internet, and global world is really big ease for users but aside there are many negative things occurs to crack user privacy and security.

Due to security concern Google enforce developers who are making extensions for chrome browser that they will disclose the privacy policy about the data they are using from the user side.

This new system will be the mandatory part of the extension base by end of January 2021 and that section will be displayed in the chrome extension store with the name of Privacy Practice. Google already deployed the portion which is mandatory in the developer dashboard and now developer discloses the proper things of data grabbing and also for what kind of purpose they want to, and also google extension reviewers will check the accuracy too.

Google chrome new enhancement is also to control the behaviors of extensions in case of to stop user data sale policy, because before this many developers make extensions to collect user confidential information like email, name, and location and then they will sell or use for marketing purpose so after this new modification, google will try to control these habits. Now the developer will only access the things which are necessary for extension run and data will be allowed which is generic data. Apple launched this segment before for their App store system and they already deployed the data collection restriction for App developers. And aside from Google, Apple and other companies are also working to make sure the data transformation in an ethical sense.

Google scheduled to announce the developers to elaborate all points for data collection and also quote the reason behind this and extension will be pin / online to their extension store center after the completion of privacy segment as well extension will review before to make this live for the user.


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