Google Cloud Data Migration Service

In the online environment, there are lot of dynamic websites for e-commerce, blogs, social, etc. When your website grows to grab a large number of data records then for the fast response you have to shift your system to cloud systems for fast and better performance. Commonly the web applications using a database like Mysql, SQL, PostgreSQL, etc. So if you are deciding to move to google cloud then it’s easy for you now, you can easily migrate your database to google cloud easily by using their new Database migration system.

The vice president of google cloud management system said the basic concept behind designing this data migration system – DMS  to provide an easy and fast approach for users with no cost if you are deciding to shift your data to google cloud. New DMS is available for Mysql / Postgre for users with self hosted  databases,  3rd party cloud system’s or already situated on google cloud. Google experts/programmers are testing for this environment to provide efficiency.  After this testing phase, they will support SQL servers and for other pilot customers like Adwrex & Cirruseo, Samsung electronics, etc.

For right now the DMS provides data migration for lift /shift and modernization with the new creation of data bundles and management. Google seems to provide an easy approach for data migration to users and they are expecting that around 2022 about 80% plus databases are over the cloud system.

The main reason behind launching DMS is to provide documentation automation in sense of removing duplication/replication and you can easily manage this via a simple wizard.

Google Cloud Provide various features :

  1. They aimed to provide Server-less migration without monitoring or provisioning
  2. Integrate or migrate databases to a new premise with just a few clicks
  3. Handle easily database replication from own premise to move other cloud systems

How to use data migration system(DMS)

For to use this DMS system you can open google cloud then move to the database section, there you can see the migration corn job menu from where you can setup your migration or creation by defining your source URL for your initiation. Then you can mention your destination where you want to place your data and also able to set your method for connectivity for data migration. You are also able to test your connection via that tool before to start a migration job

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