Mozilla firefox 84 with new security

Today Mozilla firefox launched their new version of 84. In new updating Mozilla put a feature for security named ‘HTTPS ONLY MODE’ and this mode will restrict to open websites which have https (SSL) protocol and if your demanding website is not on https then its show the message that you are trying to open insecure http website. This new option is off by default but you can set it to restrict mode if you want to. For to turn this on you can open your browser and then click on the options menu then select Privacy & security tab, on this section you can see the new HTTPS online Mode setting, now if you want to turn on then select the radio button in front of otherwise leave as default.

As per firefox, this new feature detects the secure https version of a demanding website and it automatically trying to open https base websites maybe you type with http , for example, if you already turned on the https mode open and you are typing ‘’ then automatically Mozilla force to open If the website has https (SSL) active then you can see your desired website, if that website hasn’t https activated and drives via http protocol then Mozilla through an error that your demanding website is insecure and haven’t https connection.

This new feature also derived from the top address bar lock section, you can click on this and make this turn on or turn off.

Many browsers like chrome, opera, firefox considered the http protocol insecure because during http protocol all the traffic treated as plain text while the https traffic is delivered via encrypted medium for your security purpose.

Many browser companies agree to make https is a core standard for website medium to provide more security and bug-free things to users and soon they are trying to enforce web programmers or host managers to enforce https and treated as a necessary part of website validation.

Due to this new innovation, many companies will start to provide SSL at cheap rates and many hosting companies will start to provide with less cost with hosting package,while WHm/cpanel already providing free https(SSl) to their customers under auto ssl menu in whm for server providers

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