New Alexa robot to judge customer behavior

In these days auto responder AI robots and devices are popular in our daily routines, same like apple SIRI now Alexa is well known in this field. Many networks deploy Alexa assistance for their customers, recently Amazon developers make enhancement in the programming of virtual assistance  Alexa to guide and help for their customers. This new virtual assistance is helping customers on many ways like you just put your requirement for to get a tea or some food, the new virtual assistance Alexa will automatically calculate the time in minutes for sitting.

Programmers are developing new algorithms for to handle and seek the natural behaviours as per user, they are working if you want to set a goal for to achieve then system auto-detect and elaborate with previous goal setting and enhance with more and keep in memory if you might do some changes. The new system completely learns from customer behave and keep in memory, for example, a customer wants a cup of the recommended time for to brew is about 5 minutes, some peoples having the habit to brew in 5 minutes but let say some of the customers needs more time for brew tea like 10 or 15 minutes then Alexa automatically set and remember the time for a specific customer, and next time it treats as per customer requiring time pattern.

In this system Alexa starts to judging customer from his first attempt, they storing the information as per customer behaviour and treat on upcoming requests as well as Alexa judging with customer words. As per new development from Amazon programmers they developed a new system ‘context carryover’ for to enable client transition, this model keeps data as per client requirements and auto-learn the behaviour about transition and later behave as same like this.

Let we elaborate this system with an example for understanding, let say a customer wants to get a chicken recipe, Alexa auto responder reply Do you want me to play a chicken sound or like that. In this sense, you noticed that the virtual assistance Alexa responding as same about the customer asking the question, the system will also calculate the customer behaviour let say he chose yes and set the decision to keep or not then if yes as keep then next time Alexa will do play chicken sound automatically instead of asking. For to enhance this kind of autosuggestions programmers embedding a lot of suggestions patterns related to daily routines especially Amazon programmers making a large bucket of suggestions in the system for customer ease.  They are trying to deal customer on the fast way as per their relevant suggestions like a customer want to buy a t-shirt Alexa auto responder ask about the occasion, colour scheme and suggest many more suggestions related to T-shirt, due to this the order processing is fast and not time taking. Right now they are deploying to various countries and this technique is available for customers in the English language but soon after some maturity, they will do this for various languages.

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