Python with new visual studio editor

Everyone knows the popularity of AI machines and robots, to program the best and fast responding robots or machines the python is treating as the core language to work on data science and machine learning to develop back end automation and scripting to build new AI-based machines. Python is a more demanding language as per JAVA because of its easy approach for learning and for those who haven’t a proper programming background. Python was created by Guido van Rossum a dutch programmer about 34 years ago to work on machine language in an easy way.

Recently Microsoft launched a new version of Visual studio editor with a python extension system. This technology compile’s the Jupyter functionality to virtual studio(VS) extension. Microsoft hired the creator of python to develop and integrate python systems with the new visual studio. As per research these days Microsoft becoming a big open source integrator with python to develop and integrate python tools in development environment IDE with visual studio platform. They are also going to launch this new technology over Azure notebook, users can use it easily with a command-line interface, and Microsoft planning to consider python language as a necessary part of their ongoing and upcoming updations.

Why Python is more demanding?

The main reason for python popularity is Jupyter notebooks for users to share their codes live as text, equations, and display visual behavior. For Python working behavior a key part is data science management and enhancement due to this Microsoft working on large python integrations with their new systems and tools to grab more users towards their Azure cloud computing.

The new visual studio python extension is working with Jupyter notebooks but probably soon Microsoft enhances its functionalities and performance with cross-platform too.

Due to this new innovation in the programming field, they will use the Jupyter platform to other languages like Java and C #. These are enhancements in visual studio and Microsoft environment with no change in the system which is already running for python users.

Simply Microsoft is going to provide Jupyter data science environment with R and Julia support for users to use and develop new programs by using those extensions with no dependency in the shape of new visual studio extension and for Azure cloud environment

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