robot that folds and sorts clothes

Here I have another post about a new machine that really makes your life easier especially for when you are thinking about washing clothes and then fold the dry clothes.

A good fame Tokyo-based company launched a machine for you, simply put your dry clothes to machine box and you can collect folded neat clothes.

We know washing machines and dryers are simple to wash soft items like shirts, paints, curtains, etc but when we are talking about folding machines then the behavior is a bit different like its fold-flat items like bedsheets, towels accurate but if we want to assign a task to fold ladies garments or men or child clothes then it’s complicated. Also if we are talking about socks then it’s also a difficult job for machines to identify the pair pattern of socks.

Sakance engineer behind this scheme said the socks pairing system is more difficult in this case to identify and judge color scheme as well the size of sock and pattern identification. So to handle this situation the laundries have 3 machines, 1 is for to identify the image of an item,2nd one is for AI base to handle and 3rd one is for to deploy the thing and that will be a robot for to perform the task. In the robot section, the multiple robots are to handle and fold the items in a better way, all these arms are encapsulated into the machine, and customers not able to see the things inside what’s going on. The machine is built with leather, glass, wood to handle soft cloth items. The complete machine is really a costly item and big laundries able to acquire this but that is not feasible for home users.

Sakane said Upon the concept of that laundry base machines we recently launched a home base robot machine, you can insert almost 25 clothes into the tub and it will do the job. The robotic machine works with an application and also operated by sound. This new innovation has a modern AI system, it learns from your daily routines and keeps in memory what kind of clothes you are using and how to handle this kind of later. This robotic machine handle via your simple mobile APP, you just put your clothes in the tub box of the machine and instruct it via your mobile APP. During process machine automatically pick item one by one then it take picture of cloth and remembers in memory. once it stored then you can easily manage or load randomly on later tasks.

Sakane also explains that the machine also lets you know about how you open wear items and also lets you know the time of your wearer and how dirty is it. We are also embedding API base AI system into these machines may be for home usage or for a Laundry that machine will guide about the fashion styles too and will give you recommendations that you able to wear that kind of or not.

Right now the appliances take an hour or some more to handle and judge the patterns and till folding but engineers are working more to make this faster and making them easier as per price, hope in coming future it will be cheaper in rate and easy approach for home users

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