Robotics in business

A robot is a machine that is programmable with AI (Artificial Intelligence)  concepts to handle physical interactions and it’s capable to perform different actions and helping us in daily routine.

These days a lot of small and big businesses are using pre defined robots to make job done these robots are task specific and have specific programming.

If we are talking about the industrial robot system the work starts around 1961 but at that time the machines are not well advanced and slow in performance.

Now if we are talking about the modern world then we need more fast machines to serve us because these days humans are lazy to work on general things, so engineers and programmers are working a lot to make more enhancement in the AI field. Now robots seem like a core necessary part of various businesses like fulfillment companies, restaurants business, hospitals, universities and schools, and many more.

With the help of modern robots, companies provide more products with less cost and human effort. So along with one side of ease and more fast production with less cost there are many questions are rising about labor job insecurity and some facts about government tax related.

In a few years, the robotic field is much enhanced and rapidly grow due to these factors, open source development, rapid prototype, sensor price are low as per before.

Mobile computing is one of the big factors which will behave like a backbone for the development of robots, due to this the prices are lower and a lot of advancement occurs in sensor based technology. The advance smart phones have features to measure acceleration, fix location base geographic capture videos, and able to transfer to any medium via the internet. As per expectation, the researchers say that around 2024-2025 about 100 billion devices will be connected over the internet and they are capable to generate about $11 trillion or some more.

Now sensor base devices able to capture things like they are able to measure pressure, positions, they able to calculate torques, and these capabilities open a new world in the development of modern robots. As per the sensor prices are lower so along with this the prices of infrared sensors are also decreased as per before, and these sensors are a necessary part of self guiding robots and these are used in bulk for manufacturing self driving cars .

Open source development in robotics:

Around 2009-2010 a research conducted by IEEE about automation and robots and they introduced an operating system ROS for robotic development. This operating system is an open source and free for programmers with a flexible coding style and giving a lot of pre defined mechanism for robotic development. Due to this operating system robotic programmer able to test a robot as virtual reality and get results without putting their hardware in any risky environment. Another operating system Gazebo is also used for that kind of development and virtual testing. After the launching of their operating systems about $155 million funds generated for robot development by using ROS operating system.

Rapid prototype:

These days a lot of development occurs in 3D printer enhancement and now printer companies are manufacturing different devices that are working with printers to make different kinds like car number plates, fancy cakes, food items, and many more. So in the modern world programmers are using different prototypes to make new things and invent mind-blowing products for a human being. The importance of digital medium and robotics increasing more in the current era of the pandemic we know that a lot of companies spare their workers, most companies close their shops and make automated systems for to meet customer needs, in other sense, it’s not wrong if we say the automation and robots replacing human slots very fast.

Felix Yang  a chine’s  digitalization leader said We believe that in the coming future robots will participate more in production and manufacturing companies.

Robotics development is very effective for companies’ production and human ease but as per the research of National Bureau council of economic, they figured out the negative impact of robots on physical employment. They conclude that a lot of companies fired their employees due to the new implementation of robotic machines which is less costly as per humans and at the end of the year they have no employment tax penalties. There are many debates about to launch robot tax too for those companies who deployed or deploying robots instead of humans and this journey is for government tax collection. Many countries like south Korea launched their tax Performa for those companies who shifted to automation but they are also worried about increasing the graph of unemployment occurs due to these automatons. This is a big problem in the end government tax collection is fewer than to entertain their unemployment.

As per the latest research, the researchers forecast that if the enhancement will be the same then around 2030 the unemployment graph in the USA will increase by about 39% . This threat will be directly interacting with industries such as transportation, manufacturing, storage sectors, wholesale market, etc. The enhancement in automation may cause unemployment in regional jobs but this automation will increase net jobs. As per IDC research due to high work in automation, we will announce new jobs in various sectors like training and development, consultation and integration and there are many more sectors will open due to high deployment of robots and automation and due to automation the volume will increase about production and that will definitely increase country economic value too.

No doubt robots are helping a human being in various sectors let we discuss some of the robotic shapes in various categories and sectors.

The Collaborative robots:

This segment in the robotic section is collaborative robots, these are the robots with multiple arms which make easy and flexible on the fly, these models are derived to watch human tasks. The main reason for this category in the robotic section is to make more accuracy for torque sensors and avoid disturbance in collisions. These kinds of robots learn many complex tasks and behave like a second hand of workers. These kinds of robotic machines are used in bulk for companies such as electronics manufacture and ware houses for order fulfillment sections, a lot of small and medium size companies are deploying these robots to enhance their production and as per research approximately around 2022 the collaborative robots reach to $3.4 billion worth.

Tele presence robots:

This segment is about Tele presence robots which is some kind of novelty and there are specially designed for broader usage. This robot is basically a remote controlled device which has iPad on wheels and this robot is connected to wireless internet. The robot provides audio and video call capability. These kinds of robots are mostly used in companies for different tasks such as like a watchman to monitor security measures, useable for tour guides, and also use as health care consultants. These robots are also useable for class rooms to monitor students, this robot moves in a class room and monitor individual student and will work instead of an instructor. For businesses, this robot helps employees who work from home or present outside from the office, and by using these robots employees show their presence in the office or conduct meetings with bosses with simple skype calls or video conferencing. As per research, the market for these robots will reach around $9 billion by 2023.

Healthcare Sector:

In this segment, we are elaborating on the robots which are useful in the health care sector. In medical firm da Vinci surgical system introduced for robotic surgery. Now there are a lot of hospitals that are attached to this system and the number is increasing day by day. This robotic surgery is fast as per normal surgery and error-free due to this about $18 billion market grab by this technology. Governments launching senior care centers to take care of old peoples and keep eye on their medications with robots. Many countries like UAE made drowns to deliver emergency medicine kits to patients which are really working well to serve and save human life.

Self driving vehicles:

In this segment, we are discussing a new innovation for human ease and it is a self driving vehicles. Various companies like BMW, Nissan, and Toyota making vehicles that are driver less and operate via navigation by google and some are using their own navigation systems. Many companies are using these vehicles to deliver their products to customers, some of them are used for their product distributions to warehouses and move things from one floor to another. In some areas, self driving busses are launched to pick and drop students. These automated vehicles are controlled by cameras and sensors and move via navigation tracks. Many semi autonomous trucks are built for driver ease, driver shifts the truck on auto mode while in high ways and rest some during long rides while in rush streets like downtown they shift back to normal mode for safety.   But the cars you see Google and Uber testing on California roads are only one application for self-driving technology.

So far, small self-guided vehicles have had far more impact on commerce as they deftly navigate the structured and semi-structured environments of factories and warehouses, spaces that offer less randomness than the open road.

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