Time to think legal treatment of AI robots

Time to think legal treatment of AI robots

Here i am discussing some points about how to change the robot’s behaviour to handle the strange outcome’s of legal aspects which may directly harmful for a country or a nation. Everyone knows the current scenario of economy and crises during the pandemic and upon the circumstance of this its better to seek how to live with this pandemic together. In these days we know the importance of artificial intelligence as per before to deal with new machines in the modern era. As well we know AI is totally based on the automatic enhancement of machine functionality, these kinds of functionalities give us ease but on another side, its generate many legal risk’s and loop hole’s which may cause for some danger aspects.

On aside, programmers are trying to enhance more to facilitate peoples but the illegal thinkers working more to crack their algorithms to achieve their negative desires. So in short the legal behaviour of AI machines is harmful as per a real human being. So if i put an example about AI which is frequently used by many companies for to drive a vehicle, but if we analyse it in detail this feature directly violate the existing law for drive fewer vehicles system.

Robotic Support Assistance

AI is also killing the employment of peoples on many ways like if we talk about the support assistance, as before a company need’s employees to assist customers about their product but in these days there are lot of chatting bots and auto-answer machines which can do same assistance as per humans so in fewer cost companies adopting AI bots instead of employees, as per this example there are two major violations,one is we directly violated the employment law and second the company save lot of tax dues which will be directed to a country if they have employees. Same many companies violating two laws i described before in case of manufacturing goods, now modern industries are using AI machines to prepare their target goods in the same cost even in less if we generate same goods pattern with employees.
In short AI automation give a safe passage to companies to save employee wage and tax which is really dangerous for country tax collection and also may cause for unemployment. Moreover, when we are using AI automation as a company we also save sales tax and employment tax this is directly violating and harmful for federal law. Everyone knows tax collection is behaving like a backbone of a country and nation, Government spends money on defence, social security payments and spending on health sector but these AI automation’s killing their budget very fast.


There are many debates before about to make a law system about this problem in 2017/2018 but European parliament lobby rejects the petitions. From all over the world many companies and business’s claims why we do not use machines instead of humans for better and fast productivity. Yes, they are right on this question but AI deployment is a benefit for companies but its harmful for employment and in sense of taxes. On another hand, if a company have massive employment and contribute in tax’s on the efficient way then automation is not bad too. So as per expert conclusions, authorities may endorse some way to put a tax on the automation AI-based machines and restrict also the excessive use of automation to safe the employment.
On recent research, i found that Harvard economist Lawrence conduct a debate on this topic to safe the danger aspects of this automation, during the debate the opposition party claims that for to fight modern international technology war we didn’t survive if we do not use AI automation on bulk please check the source of their arguments Click Here

This article is narrated by a famous Law professor Ryan Abbott

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